Making Life Easier

Welcome to the home of Alotech. We provide the latest technology solutions to make your life easier. We have a range of services to offer, which caters for the Residential market as well as the Business market. Please feel free to contact us at any point.

Smart Security Solutions

Alotech offers smart security solutions for businesses, homes as well as neighborhood “eye in the sky” solutions. Please feel free to visit our security solutions page to find out more about what we have to offer. 


Are you looking for some assistance with a new network, upgrading an old network or maintaining your current network? Alotech offers proffesional networking solutions to keep you connected when you need it the most.  

Computer Management

Alotech provides clients with professional computer management solutions, repair services and sales of all new computers and accessories. Contact us today to find out more.

Building The Future

The world is changing and everything is slowly getting connected. Alotech strives in providing the latest technology and solutions to our clients. We truly believe that, with Technology, we can make the future a better place.

Computer Services

Online Services

Security Solutions

What do we do?

We offer professional Technology Solutions that focuses on reliability and efficiency. We strive to offer our clients secure, safe and reliable network solutions and management solutions. Our services include IT equipment repairs, Network Security, Network Installations, Security, Backup Power Solutions & Web Development.

Make it streamlined

Our process begins with an in-depth consultation. As you help us to gain a better understanding of your requirements, we will provide the appropriate recommendations to help streamline your technology systems. We also provide our clients with a stage by stage plan to get them to where they need to be.

About Us

We have been founded with the aim of providing superior service, leading technologies and total solution satisfaction on a level to our customers. Our strategy is to develop emerging technology solutions backed by expertise and experience.

Alotech will help you implement solutions capable of supporting your technology requirements. Our solutions are tailor made and designed to give you the best soluion fit for your needs.

Let's get connected

Wireless Internet Access

Alotech will source wireless internet solutions from the nearest high sight for your home or business.

Fiber Internet 

Alotech will also assist you with finding the best Fiber to the home or Fiber to the business solution.

Backup Power Solutions 

We offer backup power solutions for the residental and commercial market.

For Business owners, we offer Computer sales and repairs as well as Business Network and Computer management solutions. Our sales team is also always happy to help with the sale of new equipment. 

Neighborhood Security Camera Systems:

Alotech offers supply and installation of Single or Mulli-Pole Solutions.

Neighborhood Security Camera Systems

 Alotech offers single camera solutions to link back to main system. Please contact us to find out more.

Sinlge Location Security

Alotech offers single location Smart Technology Security Systems. This includes Smart Alarms, Smart Fencing, Smart CCTV, Access Control And More.

Point A: Wireless Connection To Point B

Alotech supplies and install wireless point to point links to extend your network where you cannot normally get a cable to.

Point B: Wireless Connection To Point A

Alotech supplies and install wireless point to point links to extend your network where you cannot normally get a cable to.

VOIP Solutions

Alotech Offers VOIP solutions from a single home landline to larger VOIP solutions for business use.

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