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IP Intercoms, Camera’s & Access Control

Technology now days allows you to keep a tab on your business without much effort. Our security services include CCTV solutions to keep an eye on things, Access control to keep a record of who enters and when and also allows them to enter when they are meant to be there and not any other time.

Our Intercom solutions can be used in residental or commercial properties. We have any solutions that provide voice as well as video and voice. 

Types Of Security

Security Camera Solutions

We offer complete Analog and IP CCTV camera solutions. Our team will conduct a full site assesment and provide you with a stratergy to cover your weak spots.

Access Control Solutions

Limit building access to staff or keep track of time and attendence of staff with our advanced Access Control solutions. Speak to us to find out more.

Intercom Solutions

Our Intercom solutions include Analog Intercoms, Digital Intercoms and IP Intercoms. These intercom solutions can be intergrated with our access control solutions.

Advanced Security Solutions

Take your security system to a new level with our advanced security solutions. Feel free to speak to us for more information.

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