Networking & Cabling

Network Infrastructure - Planning & Implementation
We design and implement basic to advanced networks

Tired Of Your Network Dropping Or Being Down?

Alotech is a professional Networks Solutions provider. We specialize in small to large networks. Our networking services include Cat5/6 Networks, Fiber Links, Wireless Links & Internal Wireless Solutions.

We provide our clients with basic to advanced networking solutions, whether it be a small house or a farm with multiple buildings kilometers apart.


Our Cabling

Cat5/6 Networks

We provide our clients with a full internal network solutions from one server cabinet to multiple network distribution points to connect up large buildings to one network.

Long Distance Links

Alotech offer Fiber and Wireless links to cover large distance network links which are common on Farms and in Industrial area’s. Wireless links have also recently been used in residential area’s to connect a house and home office or cottage.

Internal Wireless Solutions

Alotech provides internal wireless solutions to ensure that your whole office or house has full wireless coverage. We plan and install Wireless Access Points in a covering positions to avoid any wireless dead spots. 

Installation & Repairs

Contact us to find out more about our full networking solutions, from planing to installation. Contact us for a free quote.

Networking Services

Repairs & Installation

We can help whether you need a new network, netork that is dropping or completely down. Our Network Specialists will assess your network and provide you with a solution on repairs or installation.


Long Distance Links

Cat5/6 network cables are limited by distance and cannot always be used to connect two points. We offer professional Fiber and Wireless links to connect two points to one local network.


Network Assessments

Looking to upgrade your network but don’t know where to start? We offer expert advice and a full assesment of the current state of your network as well as solution to get your network up to standard.

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