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Are you getting the most out of IT?

Get The Most Out Of IT

Alotech offers professional IT services to many different industries across South Africa. We strive to provide our clients with an excellent service  and expert advice on their IT equipment.

We service customers from small home systems to much larger corporate networks. Our IT services include Desktop/Laptop Support, Server Support, Network Management, Managed IT, Software Support & Equipment Sales. Speak to us to day about all of your computer requirements.


What Does IT Cover?

Computer Hardware

We supply and support many different brands of hardware. Whether it is repairs or sales and support of new hardware.

Computer Software

Most software needs to be maintained, we offer sales and support of computer software.

What To Think,

When You Think About IT?

IT has become a big thing now days, we use it and trust it everyday to help us function.

Do you have backups?

Most people don’t think about backups until it is too late. We push all of our clients to have multiple onsite and remote backups to ensure that their data is safe and can be required no matter the reason of data loss.

Is your computer secure?

Your computer holds all your personal information, you need to make sure your pc is safe. We make sure that you are covered from viruses and other threats.

Is your network secure?

All customers on our service agreements benefit from our network assesments and audits. Once the audit is complete, Alotech will follow proceedure to lock down your network  and network devices to ensure network security. We also offer firewall protection to customers that are interested.

Do you have any fail over in place?

A failover is a backup solution for power or for internet. The idea is that if one thing fails, it can easily be switched to the failover to minimize down time and keep productivity going.

Have you thought about disaster recovery?

Disaster Recovery is often used with Servers. This allows us to restore your server in the event of software or hardware failure. The Disater Recovery can be done in a few hours where a reconfiguration will take a week depending on your system.

How To Get Managed IT

Onsite Audit

We need to know what you equipment you have and the current state of your network. We will do a complete audit on your whole network.


Solution Plan & Quote

Once we have all the information  on your network, we will provide you with a solution and a quote to get your network up to the industry standard.

Reach Your Goals

Once Accepted, we will implement the solution and move you to our Managed IT service, which in result will leave your with less downtime and more business time.

Still Have Questions?